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CentralQ Chat Release Notes

Version - [29 Apr 2024]

New Features

  • Exporting User Manuals to Markdown Format: Users can now export user manuals generated from page scripting to Markdown format. This feature provides additional flexibility for users who prefer to work with Markdown files, enabling seamless integration with other platforms and tools.

Version - [16 Apr 2024]

New Features

  • Page Scripting Import to CentralQ Knowledgebase: CentralQ Chat now supports the import of page scripting from YAML files or direct links. This enhancement allows for the automatic generation of user manuals in the current language of Business Central, which are then integrated into the CentralQ knowledgebase for immediate use in chat responses. Users can upload page scripting via the Private Data section under CentralQ Chat, enhancing the AI's ability to provide contextual answers based on the imported scripts.

  • Interactive Link Integration in Chat Responses: Each chat response generated from the new user manuals includes an interactive link to the page script link. This feature enables users to directly view and execute the page scripting workflow, significantly improving the interactive experience within CentralQ Chat.

  • Editing and Exporting User Manuals: Modifications to the generated user manuals can now be made directly within the CentralQ interface. Users have the flexibility to export these manuals to Word or YAML formats for external use or archiving, ensuring adaptability to various business needs.

  • Multi-Language Support for Page Scripting: The import and automatic generation of user manuals now support multiple languages, aligning with the current settings in Business Central. This update ensures that all users, regardless of their selected language, receive accurate and understandable support from CentralQ Chat.

Initial Release - Version - [19 Jan 2024]

Welcome to the first release of CentralQ Chat, your comprehensive guide to Microsoft Business Central. This inaugural release brings together the power of AI and a vast repository of knowledge to enhance your Business Central experience.


  • Business Central Integration: CentralQ Chat is fully integrated with Microsoft Business Central for seamless user experience.
  • AI-Driven Answers: Utilizes AI to provide instant responses to queries about Business Central, based on various knowledge sources.
  • Chat: Follow-up questions and answers are delivered in a conversational format, allowing for a more natural interaction.
  • Microsoft Learn Integration: Access a wealth of information from Microsoft Learn directly within CentralQ Chat.
  • Community Knowledge Access: Harness the power of community-sourced knowledge, including blogs, YouTube, tweets, and books.
  • Private Documentation Support: Upload and use your private Business Central documents (PDF, Word, Text) for personalized answers.

Known Issues

  • Context Window Limitation: Due to AI model limitations, longer conversations may lead to loss of earlier context.