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CentralQ Chat Release Notes

Initial Release - Version - [19 Jan 2024]

Welcome to the first release of CentralQ Chat, your comprehensive guide to Microsoft Business Central. This inaugural release brings together the power of AI and a vast repository of knowledge to enhance your Business Central experience.


  • Business Central Integration: CentralQ Chat is fully integrated with Microsoft Business Central for seamless user experience.
  • AI-Driven Answers: Utilizes AI to provide instant responses to queries about Business Central, based on various knowledge sources.
  • Chat: Follow-up questions and answers are delivered in a conversational format, allowing for a more natural interaction.
  • Microsoft Learn Integration: Access a wealth of information from Microsoft Learn directly within CentralQ Chat.
  • Community Knowledge Access: Harness the power of community-sourced knowledge, including blogs, YouTube, tweets, and books.
  • Private Documentation Support: Upload and use your private Business Central documents (PDF, Word, Text) for personalized answers.

Known Issues

  • Context Window Limitation: Due to AI model limitations, longer conversations may lead to loss of earlier context.