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Public Data

CentralQ Chat enhances its response capabilities by utilizing two types of public data: Microsoft Learn and Community Knowledge. These resources complement the private data uploaded by users, providing a comprehensive knowledge base.

Microsoft Learn

  • What is Microsoft Learn?: Microsoft Learn is a free official Microsoft documentation platform focused on Microsoft products and services, including Business Central.
  • Integration in CentralQ Chat: By enabling this option, CentralQ Chat can access Microsoft Learn content to answer user queries, offering insights and information directly from official Microsoft sources.

Community Knowledge

  • Composition: Community Knowledge comprises blogs, YouTube videos, tweets, books, and other content from MVPs, Microsoft, and active Business Central community members.
  • Extensive Database: The database currently includes over 35,000 valuable sources, continuously expanding with contributions from the community.
  • Access and Utilization: Enabling this feature allows CentralQ Chat to use these varied sources to provide well-rounded and informed answers.

Accessing the Community Knowledge List

Explore the list of sources included in the Community Knowledge database:

or explore the latest updates in this interactive Power BI report.

Contributing to Community Knowledge

  • Open Contributions: The community can contribute to expanding the knowledge base by adding valuable blogs and other resources.
  • Contribution Process: Additions can be made via GitHub by contributing to the knowledgebase CSV files.

    Contribute to Community Knowledge on GitHub

Categories of Community Knowledge

CentralQ Chat's Community Knowledge is organized into the following groups for efficient retrieval and categorization:

  • AppSource Apps
  • Blogs
  • Books
  • GitHub Repositories
  • YouTube Videos
  • Tweets

Expanding Knowledge Base

Community contributions help continuously grow and refine the database, ensuring CentralQ Chat provides the most up-to-date and relevant answers.