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CentralQ offers two distinct tiers tailored to meet diverse user needs – the feature-rich CentralQ Chat and the accessible

CentralQ Chat

Unlock the full potential of CentralQ Chat with our paid version. Designed for those who seek a comprehensive, integrated experience with Business Central. CentralQ Chat now includes advanced page scripting capabilities, allowing users to import, manage, and automate workflows directly from YAML files or links, seamlessly integrating detailed script-based interactions into the knowledgebase.

Explore – a perfect free starting point for users who prefer access to public knowledge bases without the depth of integration offered in the paid version.

Pricing Plans

Compare the features and offerings of CentralQ Chat and to find the best fit for your needs.

Feature CentralQ Chat
Pricing (Monthly) $12 per user Free
Pricing (Annual) $120 per user/year Free
Free Trial 30 days -
Business Central Embedded -
Chat Functionality -
Microsoft Learn Integration
Community Knowledge Integration
Private Knowledge Access -
Page Scripting Integration -
Private Data Formats PDF, Word, Text, Webpages, YAML -
Private Data Limit 100 MB/month (approx. 1000 pdf pages) -
User Requests Limit 500 requests/month 10 requests/month

Trial Period Overview

Enjoy a 30-day free trial of CentralQ Chat with all features included, giving you full access to explore its capabilities, including the new page scripting integration.