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Below are some commonly asked questions about CentralQ Chat and their answers, based on the available information.

General Questions

  1. What is CentralQ Chat? CentralQ Chat is an AI-driven interactive guide for Microsoft Business Central, designed to provide instant answers about Business Central Environment sourced from Private Documents, Microsoft Learn, and Community Knowledge.

  2. How does CentralQ Chat work? It uses a combination of keyword and semantic searches across various knowledge bases, including your private documents, Microsoft Learn, and Community Knowledge. Answers are generated by Azure OpenAI and cited with relevant sources for authenticity.

  3. Where can I find CentralQ Chat? CentralQ Chat is available on Microsoft AppSource and integrated into your Business Central environment.

Pricing and Plans

  1. What are the pricing plans for CentralQ Chat? There are two tiers: CentralQ Chat ($20/month per user or $200/year per user) and Free (10 free requests/month). The paid tier offers a 30-day free trial without any limitations.
  1. Are there any trial periods available? Yes, the CentralQ Chat tier offers a 30-day free trial with full functionality.


  1. Can CentralQ Chat answer queries using my private documents? Yes, if you upload your private documents (PDF, Word, Text), CentralQ Chat can use them to answer your queries.

  2. Is there a limit to the number of queries I can ask? Yes, the paid tier allows up to 500 queries per month, while the Free permits up to 10 queries per month.

  3. Can I use CentralQ Chat to run functions in Business Central? No, CentralQ Chat is designed to provide information and cannot execute functions within Business Central.

  4. Can I ask questions about my Business Central data? No, CentralQ Chat don't have access to your Business Central data and cannot answer queries about it.

  5. What languages does CentralQ Chat support? While CentralQ Chat is primarily available in English (United States), it is designed to handle private knowledge and chat interactions in various languages. This flexibility allows users worldwide to utilize the app in their preferred language. However, please note that CentralQ Chat has been extensively tested and optimized for English, ensuring the best performance and accuracy in this language.

  6. Can CentralQ Chat answer queries about installed AppSource apps? Yes, but only if you manually upload the app documentation to your private documents. We understand that this is not ideal and are working with Publishers to make their documentation available to CentralQ Chat.

  7. I don't see the links to my Business Central pages in the answers. Why? This feature will be available in the next releases of CentralQ Chat. This requires an additional knowledge of currently available pages (standard and custom) that is not available yet. We are working on this feature and will release it as soon as possible.

Security and Data Privacy

  1. How secure is my private data in CentralQ Chat? Your private data is securely stored in Azure Blob Storage and is only accessible via secure keys. Data is not used for training AI models and is only utilized to enhance your chat experience.

  2. What happens to my data if I stop using CentralQ Chat and cancel subscription? We will keep your data for 90 days after your subscription expires. After that, your data will be permanently deleted.


  1. Is CentralQ Chat compatible with all versions of Business Central? CentralQ Chat is designed to be compatible with Business Central versions started from v23. It's recommended to check specific version compatibility on Microsoft AppSource.

  2. What localizations does CentralQ Chat support? CentralQ Chat is available in all countries where Dynamics 365 Business Central is available. The user interface is available in English (United States), but the app can be used in any language.

  3. What editions of Business Central does CentralQ Chat support? CentralQ Chat supports both Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


  1. Where can I get help if I encounter issues with CentralQ Chat? Support for CentralQ Chat can be accessed by emailing to

  2. How often is CentralQ Chat updated? CentralQ Chat is regularly updated to improve functionality, security, and compatibility. Check the release notes for detailed information on updates.