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This guide outlines the steps to purchase, install, and prepare CentralQ Chat in Business Central, ensuring a smooth deployment for your team.

Purchase the App from AppSource

  1. Finding and Purchasing: Navigate to the CentralQ Chat page

  2. Start Free Trial: Select "Buy now" on the Product Details page.

    Buy Now

  3. Complete the Purchase: Follow the onscreen instructions. For detailed steps, visit Purchasing on AppSource.

Assign Licenses

After purchasing, assign licenses to users through the Microsoft 365 admin center. For instructions, see Assigning Licenses to Users.

Extension Installation


Ensure that licenses are assigned to users before installing CentralQ Chat in Business Central.

  1. Navigate to Extensions: Go to the Extensions page in Business Central.
  2. Access Marketplace: Select "Extension Marketplace" to open Microsoft AppSource.
  3. Search for CentralQ Chat: Enter "CentralQ Chat" in the search bar.
  4. Install: Click "Free Trial" to initiate installation. Choose your language and select "Install".
  5. Verify Installation: Check the Extensions page to confirm that CentralQ Chat is listed.

Or use the Install this product from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center > Licenses > CentralQ Chat - Professional

Assign Permissions

Assign appropriate permissions to users:

Permission Set Description
GPT CQC - ADMIN Allows configuring the app, registering for CentralQ cloud, uploading private documents, and accessing chat functionality.
GPT CQC - KB ADMIN Enables uploading private documents and accessing chat functionality.
GPT CQC - USER Grants access to the chat functionality and allows viewing the private knowledge list