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CentralQ Chat, while being a powerful tool for instant information retrieval about Microsoft Business Central, operates within certain limitations that users should be aware of.

Limitations in Data Access and Functionality

  • No Direct Business Central Data Access: CentralQ Chat does not have the capability to directly access or interact with your Business Central data. It cannot provide insights or analyses based on your specific Business Central data.
  • Cannot Execute Business Central Functions: The chat cannot perform actions or run functions within Business Central. It is solely an informational tool.

AI-Generated Content and Accuracy

  • Potential for Inaccuracies: While AI strives for accuracy, it can occasionally generate incorrect or misleading information. This is an inherent limitation of current AI technology.
  • Need for Fact-Checking: Always cross-reference AI responses with cited sources. The AI might "hallucinate" or present information out of context.
  • Variability in Response Quality: The quality and accuracy of responses can vary based on the question's complexity and the available knowledge base.

Contextual Limitations

  • Context Window Constraint: The AI operates with a context length of 4096 tokens, encompassing the input, system prompt, retrieved information, chat history, and the response. This limitation can impact the continuity and relevance of responses in prolonged interactions.
  • Session-Based Interaction: Each chat session is designed to address a specific topic or user intent. Switching topics mid-session may lead to less coherent responses.

File Handling Limitations

  • File Format and Size Restrictions: CentralQ Chat supports .pdf, .docx, and .txt files, with a maximum size limit of 3 MB per file.
  • Private Data Limit: Users can upload up to 100 MB of private data per month, approximately equivalent to 1000 PDF pages.
  • User Requests Limit: The system allows up to 500 user requests per month.
  • Temporary File Access: File links in answers are accessible for only 15 minutes for security purposes.
  • Irreversible Deletion: Deleted files and embeddings are permanently removed from cloud storage and the vector database.
  • Currently, CentralQ Chat does not support links to Business Central pages. This feature will be added in a future releases.